Cut crease eyeshadow tutorial for beginners | Kayla Martinez

Cut crease eyeshadow tutorial for beginners | Kayla Martinez

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36 thoughts on “Cut crease eyeshadow tutorial for beginners | Kayla Martinez

  1. I just took a productive dump. My legs are numb right now, but I think I was able to scrub all the green streaks from the inside of the bowl. These hemorrhoids are working on me. They bloody and are like stinky balloons hanging from the onion

  2. Let me say this Baby girl you are beautiful btw first time subscribe here honey your makeup popping asf 😍😍😍🤪.u did that 🤝

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this with us…Ive liked and subscribed…looking forward to seeing more of your videos…😘😘🤗🤗

  4. Girl let me tell u some tea I literally watch a dozen YouTube video about makeup and I never end up doing it right lol but when I found u my life changed cuz u explain things soo bomb !! I love it thanks boo

  5. and you just like and like and I like um and like and like and uhhh like follow like this like do it like this

  6. you actually explained this really well! never been able to do cut creases but now I feel like I can! thank you!

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