Hey! The 2020 Iowa Caucus

Hey! The 2020 Iowa Caucus

Seth has some strong words for Iowa for dropping the ball on the first primary vote of 2020.

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Hey! The 2020 Iowa Caucus- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

50 thoughts on “Hey! The 2020 Iowa Caucus

  1. Can we stop pretending this was incompetence? This was predicted to a T, and all signs point to deliberate fraud.

  2. Who approved the name "shadow inc"? Like you couldn’t have picked a less ominous sounding name 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Biden told all of the coal miners that they can learn to write code when they lose their jobs so the next apps will be much better.

  4. Premeditated Shadow App cheating gonna cost Mayor Peter Eater. Actually, I don’t think a corrupt openly gay marriage helps the acceptance. Then again, Trump is no poster child for healthy straight marriage.
    But seriously, the Shadow App, and you knew ahead of time?
    Bye bye Pete.

  5. It’s 3 days since the Iowa caucus now, and the results still have not released the full results. The 1% establishment that run the DNC – AKA the billionaire class – have spent the last 3 days trying to rewrite the paper trail to screw over ❤️ Bernie Sanders. We 😍 ❤️❤️❤️ you President Bernie Sanders ❤️❤️❤️. #Bernie2020.

  6. The app didn’t "malfunction". It was engineered to be a disaster, to rob publicity from Sander’s victory in Iowa. The crooked DNC is punishing the Sanders campaign bc they pushed for more transparency in this primary and wanted more data published, like the popular vote, which hadn’t been published in previous Iowa caucuses. So the DNC gave them an app that would "help" the public get access to popular vote data, but only after such a long delay that most people stopped paying attention. The crooked corporate establishment is doing everything they can to stop Sanders, because his presidency would mean the end of their crooked ways. Never forget the Iowa Caucus! BERNIE 2020!

  7. It’s attempted election fraud by the DNC. Your US democracy is a scam. Bernie was winning, but Buttigieg payed 42500$ up front to get the win, so they pulled the plug and made it a "draw" or "seems to be victorious".

  8. Iowa residents had nothing to do with it asshole, it was the Party of Clowns who were tampering with the results to get the desired results they want.

  9. As an Iowa caucus participant, we don’t deserve to be 1st in the nation anymore. The Democratic party couldn’t order a pizza together, it was a bunch of nonsense, misery for hours. Between an initial wrong count of people involved, unclear instructions and just plainly being spoken to in the most condescending tones possible by old white men, it is no wonder many don’t choose to be a part of the process we have the privilege to have. When it came time to realign, you can see why the democratic party is no longer one party aiming to collaborate to help the country but a shambling mess of people who are disrespectful, demanding, rude and cannot work towards a common goal because they don’t have one. It was such a difference than when Obama was chosen the 1st time. Then, it felt like we were still a party that worked together. Now, democrats cannot even speak with a civil tone to each other. Also…no diversity. Don’t get me wrong, Iowans have a wonderful sense of inclusion, but we are not diverse. We are accepting people, but we can’t speak for the people we don’t represent. The Republican Party is a united front, a war machine of support for Trump, they appear strong and decisive and the Democrats have allowed themselves to appear unwilling to work together amongst themselves, and if they cannot work together in their own party, how can we expect them to work together with the Republican leaders to benefit our country? Disappointing and we deserve all the flak we are getting.

  10. Why are people freaking out? I’m sure the delay in reporting the results has nothing to do with Biden not being viable in many precincts OR with Mayor Pete donating OVER $40,000 to the app developers OR with the recent news that the trusty DNC has taken over the final counting – it’s all just a “coincidence" – BERNIE OR BUST!!

  11. *The Iowa Caucus count was run via an App developed by Tara McGowan…the WIFE of the Senior Strategist for Buttigieg. Conflict of interest much? The DNC paid big money for this "special App" AKA money laundering. Hey, if the App doesn’t work that’s OUR problem right? So once again the DNC played a shell game with everyone’s money and let a select few legally rob the place. They didn’t earn the money so who cares right? Spend away. We’ll send more. Nope.*

  12. Pete Buttgig cheated the Iowa Caucus, with the DNC, Bernie needs all of us to bring Justice to this world! #BERNIE2020

  13. DNC phone line: 1 202 863 8000

    Call to demand that Tom Perez resign.
    Press * at any time to leave a voice message or hold to speak w/ someone live

  14. And just like we knew he would Bernie won, despite dubious Shadow apps and another candidate prematurely declaring themselves winner.

  15. Uggh……… I miss Johnny Carson, A political crack here or there on Johnny’s opening monuloge, maybe even a skit or two a week that got polictical….but never like it is today:(…. Late night TV is at its all time low. Bias Political Jargon spun thru the funny factory. It’s not just Seth either, it’s the whole darn lot of late night shows. Can I get a witness!

  16. That guy talking to Wolf Blitzer should have just said, "Hold, up, Wolf, I gotta go!" and then switched gears. One of those times when being polite should not be your priority.

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